Yoga pose for renewal

Are you feeling low? Then it is time for this yoga exercise, which will increase your entire sense of well-being.  

Feel the lightness of life and let joy flow through you. These dynamic exercises allow you to stimulate your chest and shoulder region, the home of the heart. These circular arm exercises stimulate your lymph glands and train your entire shoulder musculature. This exercise also increases your breathing capacity and strengthens your nervous system. The exercise has a calming effect and your chest will feel more open and relaxed.


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Sit in a cross-legged position and hold your spine erect. If necessary, you can sit on a (meditation) cushion for support. If you wish to do the exercise while sitting in a chair, place both your feet flat on the ground. Stretch your arms out to your sides, parallel to the floor. Point your palms forward. Place your thumbs over your curled ring fingers and pinkies. Keep your middle fingers and index fingers extended. Pull your shoulders down, keep your neck in a stretched position and move your arms in small anti-clockwise circles. Keep your breathing deep and relaxed during the exercise. Close your eyes and exercise for 1 to 3 minutes. At the end of the exercise, let your arms relax down onto your knees and enjoy the open sensation in your chest.

Please ask your doctor if this exercise is suitable for you.

The matching tea for this pose is YOGI TEA® Heartwarming.

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