Relax Yoga

Description of yoga video

The sequence in the video shown is a restorative practice.
Restorative yoga poses invite you to BE instead of DO. They will strengthen your immune and nervous system as well as improve your attention and awareness. Ideally, we would suggest you use a yoga bolster, but blankets and pillows will work well as an alternative.



Yogi Tea made this video to complement…

YOGI TEA® Relax, the tea for everyone seeking the power of tranquility. A cup of YOGI TEA® Relax, is like a haven of peace during tumultuous times. The enticing aroma of calming chamomile and lime blossom is enough to exude serenity. This, combined with fruity rosehip, calms the turbulent waves. You can, once again, take charge in a completely relaxed state, with a carefree attitude. 



Which yoga poses to expect in this video

  • childs pose / Balasana
  • restorative Twist
  • reclined over a bolster
  • legs up the wall var / Viparita Karani Var




This yoga sequence is suitable for all levels.  




Forward folds like Balsana ground you and calm your nervous system. The twist helps to balance out all emotions, whilst the reclined pose strengthens your breathing power. During breath awareness, the longer exhalation, in particular, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and helps to calm you down. The last pose is a reverse posture that eases your whole system into relaxation.


Please ask your doctor if these exercises are suitable for you.