Heartwarming Yoga

Description of yoga video

Being in a happy mindset sometimes requires some help. The yoga poses in this video will help you to boost your mood, uplift your spirit and warm your heart.



Yogi Tea made this video to complement…

Heartwarming, the tea for anyone who carries a zest for life within their heart. Come and pour yourself some ‘joie de vivre’ and enjoy the uplifting taste of a carefree summer day. The delicious combination of fruity orange, tangy ginger and aromatic basil refreshes your senses, boosts your self-confidence and helps you see the sunny side of life.



Which yoga poses to expect in this video

  • high lunge / Alanasana
  • deep hip stretch / Anjaneyasana
  • handstand / Adho Much Vrksasana
  • pigeon pose / Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
  • bridge pose / Set Bandha




This yoga sequence is for intermediate levels.




After warming up in high lunge and a hip opener, you will be led into a handstand at the wall. Turning upside down is a remarkably powerful tool, shifting your view on life and boosting energy levels. Following this, the heart opening yoga poses in this video will fully connect you to your heart; the center of your being and the magical place that, both longs for and also establishes the inner balance of our whole existence.


Please ask your doctor if these exercises are suitable for you.