Classic Yoga for Grounding

Description of yoga video

The term Ayurveda means knowledge of life and longevity. YOGI TEA® Classic is an Ayurvedic blend that lays the foundation of all other YOGI TEA® flavours. The yoga poses in this video are here to help you manifest your true foundation in life. In this sequence, you will move through a series of standing yoga poses which are the basis of this yoga practice.



Yogi Tea made this video to complement…

YOGI TEA® Classic. This wonderful blend of sweet cinnamon, cardamom, tangy ginger, cloves and pepper inspired generations of yogis as well as YOGI TEA® and laid the foundation for the vast diversity in our Ayurvedic tea blends. This distinct combination of ingredients helps to open your mind and spirit whilst simultaneously grounding your body. Enjoy it best sweetened and mixed with milk or a vegan alternative.



Which yoga poses to expect in this video

  • mountain pose / Tadasana
  • tree pose / Vrksasana
  • triangle pose / Trikonasana
  • head-to-knee pose / Janu Sirsasana
  • Seated Forwardbent / Paschimottanasana




This yoga sequence is suitable for all levels. 




Standing poses root your whole body. They improve your posture and create stability and balance. We can only ground ourselves if we are fully connected to our feet. During standing poses, we get lots of opportunities to find our foundation and root ourselves. Forward folds help to calm the nervous system. After this class you will feel grounded and calm.


Please ask your doctor if these exercises are suitable for you.