Green Energy Yoga

Description of yoga video

When we are in tune with the rhythm and the longings of our heart, we are most powerful. In this video, we will dive into a series of energizing heart openers, followed by some rejuvenating hip openers. At the end, we will bring the sequence to a close in downward facing dog, a forward fold to leave you feeling nicely balanced.



Yogi Tea made this video to complement…

Green Energy, the tea for anyone who enjoys feeling vivacious. Is your battery running low? Then let this intensely flavoured tea uplift you. This Green tea is given a special kick thanks to the addition of fruity lemon verbena and elderflower with a little ginger, guarana and kombucha extract. So, YOGI TEA® Green Energy thereby refreshes you in a completely natural way!



Which yoga poses to expect in this video

  • puppy pose / Anahata Asana
  • high lunge / Alanasana
  • deep hip stretch / Anjaneyasana
  • cobra pose / Bhujangasana
  • camel pose / Ustrasana
  • downward facing dog / Adho Mukha Svanasana




This yoga sequence is for intermediate levels. 




During the day, our upper body spends a lot of time being hunched over. A healthy spine needs to move in all directions. Focusing on a backward bending practice like this one produces a lot of physiological benefits. In addition, it opens the heart area, releases serotonin and increases your energy levels.


Please ask your doctor if these exercises are suitable for you.