Yoga pose for letting go

Letting go is an art that we can train with this short sequence with variations of the Lord of the Fishes pose (Sanskrit: Ardha/Purna Matsyendrasana) taken from Hatha yoga.

Sit in an upright position. Breathe in and bring your hands together in front of your sternum as you exhale. Resolutely pull your buttock muscles forward beneath you so that you can sit more on your sit bones and thus a little more upright. If this causes your pelvis to tilt backward and your lower back to round, sit on a folded blanket so that your pelvis can right itself.

Stretch your left leg out in front of you and prop yourself on your right foot in front of you. Pull your right shin towards you with both hands and thereby make yourself a little more upright. Breathe in, lift your right arm and then rotate and lean to the right as your exhale. Encompass your right knee with your left hand or arm. Push the tips of your fingers on your right hand firmly into the mat and keep your stretched-out leg active by pulling your toes towards you. Elongate your back a little with each inhalation and see whether you can create more room for the stretch with each exhalation. Then place your right foot on the outside of your left knee and maintain the rotation. Remain in this position or – if it feels good – bend your left leg and draw your foot to the outside of your right hip. Consciously ground your right sit bone. Stretch your left arm upward once more and then hook your left elbow behind your right knee. The left hand stays open and alert. Breathe and hold this position. Loosen the position and then extend the exercise with a small counter-rotation to the left. Stretch your right leg out in front of you and repeat the exercise with your left side.

Then stretch out both legs in front of you before drawing your feet up into a cross-legged position. Ensure that you are once more sitting upright, then inhale deeply and bring your hands together in front of your chest as you exhale.


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