Star Salutation tea: the way to a fresh start in the new year

Welcome to the New Year! This is the time of year for New Year’s resolutions and we are all looking for ways to make them happen. Whether it's about achieving professional goals, working on personal relationships or achieving a balanced lifestyle, the things that make us feel good are very varied and will be different for everyone. However, one thing remains perfectly clear for us – yoga represents one of the best ways to achieve harmony for body and soul in the New Year.

Yoga not only provides physical exercise, it is also a spiritual experience. It teaches us to be present in the here and now and to focus on what really matters. If you’ve decided to make 2024 the year you find harmony in your life, you are not alone. Many people make yoga part of their New Year’s resolutions to help them to achieve more balance and harmony. And what better way to start the New Year than with a wonderful yoga sequence to celebrate the stars and the vastness of the cosmos?


The Star Salutation offers an exceptional opportunity to celebrate yoga and the New Year. Practising the Star Salutation opens your crown chakra, allowing the energy of the universe to flow in and circulate. This yoga flow is a series of movements to strengthen the body and calm the soul.



Star Salutation: cosmic energy

You can practice the Star Salutation in the morning to gently awaken your body and soul, or in the evening to help you relax. Try it for yourself!




1. Stand up straight on your yoga mat, bring your hands together in front of your chest and stretch both arms up above your head. Circle them down sideways, folding your upper body down towards your legs.


2. Straighten back up again. Spread your legs and extend your arms parallel to the floor at shoulder height. Bring your hands together in front of your chest and squat down slightly.


3. Extend your arms parallel to the floor at shoulder height. Turn your right foot out to the right so that it is parallel to the long edge of the mat. Bring your right hand down to your shin or place it next to your ankle on the mat. Now stretch your left arm up so that your arms are in a vertical straight line. (Slowly return to your starting position and then bring your left hand down to the floor. Stretch your right arm up in line with your left arm towards the ceiling.)


4. Bend your right leg and stretch your right arm down towards the floor about thirty centimetres in front of your right leg. Raise your left leg until it is parallel to the floor and support your weight with your right hand on the floor. You can use a block here to help you if you want to. Bring your left arm up to your right arm in a straight line pointing upwards.


5. Turn your hips back and bring your left arm back down. Keep your torso long and parallel to the floor and extend your arms forward, out to the sides or parallel to your torso.


6. Straighten up again and spread your legs. Now repeat the asana on the left side of your body. Then bring your legs back together again and fold your upper body down to your legs, circling your arms to the sides. Stand up, stretch both arms above your head and bring your hands together in front of your chest.



Vitality in a cup of tea

Following on from our successful creations YOGI TEA® Sun Salutation and YOGI TEA® Moon Salutation, this year we want to introduce you to our new YOGI TEA® Star Salutation. This tea combines the grounding effects of tulsi and basil with refreshing lemongrass and the slightly tart flavour of pink grapefruit.


Tulsi and basil have a reputation in Ayurveda for their stress-relieving properties. Liquorice and ginger act as harmonising herbs to revitalise the body. Refreshing lemongrass, pink grapefruit and peppermint enrich the tea with a hint of freshness and energy.




YOGI TEA® Star Salutation will accompany you on your journey to find inner harmony and strength. Whether you choose to enjoy a cup after practising the Star Salutation, or just to take some time out of your day, this tea symbolises the opportunities for new beginnings and refreshment that the New Year brings. Enjoy these little moments of reflection and prepare yourself for a year of inner calm, growth and connection. Open up space for the energy of the stars and experience the soothing effects of this unique combination of yoga and Ayurveda.


If you are looking for other teas to help you clear your mind or relax, why not try some of our latest teas, YOGI TEA® Mental Clarity or YOGI TEA® Ashwagandha Balance.

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