Sustainability Stress Relief

It’s stressful to worry about the environment, and it’s easy to feel like you’re not doing enough. Since it’s New Year’s Resolution time, we wanted to take some weight off your shoulders because we have you covered where a sustainable teatime is concerned. Wellness and sustainability always overlap, and we’re inviting you to join us as we follow our ayurvedic roots to find worry-free wellness in harmony with nature.

With the glow of the holidays behind us we wanted to share our sustainability resolutions for the year ahead. Love it or hate it there’s no better time for setting goals, and if you’re anything like us living sustainably is top of your list. Maybe you’re trying to use less plastic, compost your food waste, buy organic, or know where your food comes from. And guess what? So are we – in fact, our sustainability resolutions might look a lot like yours.


2023 was a great year for us sustainability-wise. We managed to make great strides across all our target areas, and we won sustainability awards at the World Tea Expo and the North American Tea Conference. Plus, in the US we set a personal best B Corp score while celebrating the B Corp certification of our German and Italian branches.



But that’s all in the past. January is all about looking ahead, and we have a lot of resolutions in mind:


  • • First, we resolve to support the global effort to reduce carbon emissions. Our approach is holistic, establishing groups of employees in every department to reduce our impacts wherever they occur. Anything we can do to source locally, limit transit, or run our facilities more efficiently is fair game.
  • • Secondly, and a particular point of pride, is our work with regenerative agriculture. We’ve been sourcing organically for years, but to get the best possible tea with the most positive impact we’re going beyond organic. Regenerative farming means giving back to the land: replenishing topsoil, storing carbon, and helping farmers ensure their sustainability. This year, we’re resolving to expand our regenerative efforts by keeping our legacy projects moving while bringing more farms on board.
  • • We also believe sustainability is a collaborative effort, and that means putting competition aside. Projects in Guatemala and Nepal see us working alongside our competitors, and we’re delighted to support them. This year we’re resolving to do more together, including an exciting collaboration that will improve sustainable tea packaging. After all, every tea company is facing the same sustainability problems, and we can do more faster when we work together.


So don’t stress: every cup of tea you drink is supporting healthy farms, resilient communities, and ethical business practices. You don’t need to bear this burden alone – we’re right beside you, working hard for a sustainable future, and we hope every sip of Yogi Tea brings you comfort in this knowledge.



Let’s take this journey together: follow our socials and this blog for regular updates on the people, places, and practices that are bringing us closer to a sustainable future. Every month we’ll have a new sustainability story to share: progress updates, supplier features, or discussion about our challenges and solutions as we continue this work. Join us as we learn and grow together!

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