Combined Shape E1003C

Minty, refreshing, for new perspectives.

Mental Clarity

You know those days when you just can’t concentrate and your mind is  in a completely different direction? This is when pausing is the best recipe. This delicious tea with ginseng, eucalyptus and fresh mint gives you a moment to take a breath – a little break to nurture mental clarity to focus on what matters.


The tea for everyone who needs to reenergise their mind.

Mental Clarity
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This form of meditation promotes clear consciousness. Sit down with your legs crossed, then raise your hands in front of your face to eye level. Focus on your hands, moving them around in circles in opposite directions. Alternate with first your right hand in the centre, then your left. Continue with the exercise for three to eleven minutes, preferably first thing in the morning.


Peppermint*, lemon balm*, lemon grass*, spearmint*, liquorice*, rooibos*, ginger*, cinnamon*, eucalyptus*, ginseng root*, maca*, black pepper*, orange oil*, cardamom*, peppermint oil*


*certified organic