Enhance your wellbeing - 3 tips for your own wellbeing

You know what it’s like. The new year is just beginning and you have already started asking yourself the usual questions: “What are my New Year’s resolutions?”, “Is it time for a new start?” or “Do I need to change?” The new year can indeed be seen as an opportunity to make changes, but you should not feel under any pressure to do so.

If you feel good in yourself, you will be less stressed and have more energy. We believe that wellbeing can therefore lead to starting the new year with a lighter burden and more motivation, without having to stick to strict resolutions. The route to personal wellbeing is different for everyone. For some, it might mean finding peace and relaxation through meditation, while for others it means fitting more exercise into their lives or burning off some energy through sport.




What does “personal wellbeing” actually mean?


We want to look at this question in detail so that we can give you some inspiration for your own personal journey to discover wellbeing. Each individual has their own way of defining their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It’s such a personal thing that there is no perfect formula for finding it. The most important thing is to listen to yourself and understand what your needs are. To achieve this, it may help to make room for more mindfulness in your life. There is already plenty of advice available on health and wellbeing and this mostly involves making sure you have a healthy diet, get enough sleep and give yourself regular time out. But we’d still like to help you find out for yourself what really does you good and we have put together three tips to help you.





Tip 1: Prioritise your wellbeing


Try to remind yourself that nothing is more important that your own wellbeing. This includes setting healthy limits. You’ve heard it all before and yet it can sometimes be hard to put it into practice. But this is something that you can learn to do over time. These limits are different for each individual. Try to be clear about your own values and needs.


Asking yourself the following questions may help:


  • What’s really important to me in life? 
  • What really does me good? 
  • What do I need at this particular time? 

If you understand your own personal values, it will be easier for you to communicate your limits and stand firm so that your wellbeing remains a priority.




Tip 2: Set yourself realistic goals


To find your personal wellbeing, it can be helpful to set certain goals. By taking a good look at yourself and asking yourself what you want to achieve, it will soon become clear what really does you good. It’s important here to set realistic, achievable goals, since putting yourself under pressure will only damage your wellbeing. You could, for example, set long-term as well as short-term objectives. Long-term objectives will show you the way and can help you to tackle larger projects in particular. They can usually be broken down into smaller steps. These short-term objectives play an important role, since they are easier to achieve and lead to lots of small senses of achievement. If you like, you can also get creative with your brainstorming. Make yourself a cup of your favourite YOGI TEA® and create your own vision board for the year. A vision board is a collage made up of images, inspiring affirmations and quotes. It can help you to visualise your thoughts and dreams and perhaps to question them further.




Tip 3: Get out of rigid routines


Set your own rules for establishing wellbeing. Nobody can tell you exactly what you need for your own wellbeing, so free yourself from rigid routines and rely instead on your own intuition. Don’t forget: every day is a new day. Your personal wellbeing is a journey and we want to inspire you to go on a voyage of discovery. What does you good today might feel quite different tomorrow. So, it might be worth trying something new each day. The main thing is to find what feels good for you, even if you don’t always stick to the “perfect morning routine” and sometimes just stay snuggled up in bed.




Wellbeing that works for you


You can see that finding your own personal wellbeing means always listening to your body, mind and soul. It's about finding a way to be mindful of your own values, desires and needs and not following strict routines. Your personal wellbeing is as individual as you are. If you are looking for even more inspiration, take a look at our Instagram account or read our blog on the subject of self-care.

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