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Steaming cup with YOGI TEA® Star Salutation

The ideal companion for your daily yoga practice. 

Star Salutation

Its herbaceous notes of tulsi combine with the freshness of mint and lemon grass and the light fruity notes of pink grapefruit oil. Enjoying a delicious cup of this soothing blend of tea in a moment of relaxation invigorates us and leaves us feeling connected and able to focus on what matters.


The ideal companion for your daily yoga practice, to refresh your body and free your mind.

YOGI TEA® Star Salutation tea packaging
Instructions for yoga exercise star salutation with pictures
Star Salutation

The Star Salutation helps to open the mind and increase your energy. It can be done in the morning or at the end of the day when fatigue and stress may arise. This yoga exercise includes several asanas (yoga positions), which are performed in a flowing sequence, accompanied by one’s breathing. The positions are dedicated to the stars and our entire universe. The Star Salutation has balancing, connecting, and recharging effects on the body and opens the mind and spirit.


Please ask your doctor if this exercise is suitable for you.


Lemon grass*, peppermint*, sage*, ginger*, tulsi*, rosemary*, basil*, liquorice*, thyme*, lavender flowers*, pink grapefruit oil*, cardamom*


*certified organic