Essential mint oil: the refreshing all-rounder of the aromatherapy world

We all know and love the fragrance of mint. It refreshes our spirit and helps us keep a cool head. But did you know that mint is also a powerful medicinal herb that is highly prized in the world of aromatherapy? We tell you more about the many positive effects of mint.


Mint is a hugely versatile medicinal herb whose rich green colour and distinctive fragrance and flavour refreshes our spirit. Its pleasant aroma clears our mind, gives us a clear head and aids concentration. Mint’s special flavour gives us a freshness boost or enchants us as a flavouring in Asian cuisine.


Yet this popular green plant has even more to offer, as it also possesses many healing properties and is therefore much valued in aromatherapy. The key compounds in mint are encapsulated in essential mint oil, which is extracted through gentle steam distillation. We introduce you to two varieties of mint – peppermint and spearmint – and tell you how you can utilise their positive effects in the context of aromatherapy.


Peppermint oil is particularly prized in aromatherapy. The peppermint plant is especially rich in essential oil. Its high menthol content gives it its typically pleasant spicy flavour, from which peppermint also derives its name. Menthol also has a cooling effect that clears our head, heightens concentration and improves our memory.


Unlike its relative, peppermint, spearmint does not contain any cooling menthol. It therefore doesn’t taste spicy, and stands out thanks to its mild, sweet aroma. Just like its menthol-containing relative, spearmint has a soothing effect on our mental wellbeing and can help to calm us. It reduces stress and relieves us of our tension.


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