Aromatherapy: The secrets of lavender oil

The lavender plant reminds us of beautiful summer days. We love it for its luminous colour and calming fragrance. But did you know that this beautiful plant is also regarded as a real all-rounder in the world of aromatherapy?


We associate lavender with a rich, purple-blue sea of flowers, with summer in Provence and with joie de vivre. The lavender plant is particularly valued for its beguiling and unique fragrance, which is used in aromatherapy in the form of essential lavender oil. Here you can find out everything worth knowing about lavender oil and its many positive effects.


Lavender field yogi tea


The luminous lavender fields of French Provence blossom from early June until mid-August and exude their distinctive fragrance. Lavender originated from what was once Persia, arriving in Southern France via the Canary Islands. Lavender has many applications, most of which are centred around the plant’s intoxicating fragrance.


In aromatherapy, the power of the lavender plant is used in the form of essential lavender oil, which is extracted by distilling the panicles of the lavender flowers. The plant’s oils and essences have a positive effect on our body and mind, and can influence our mood.


For centuries, lavender oil has been used for calm and relaxation. It is valued for its balancing effect and can help us find inner peace and harmony. For this reason, essential lavender oil is often used for its soporific qualities and is believed to support deep, restorative sleep. When feeling an inner restlessness or when nervous, the fresh fragrance of lavender creates balance and soothes the mind.


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