Enjoying autumn... with all our senses!

When the first leaves begin to develop their wonderful autumn colours, when the days grow shorter and the air slowly cools down – to many people, this is the start of the most beautiful time of year. We join you in welcoming the autumn and ringing in the tea season – with all our senses! Here you can find out more.

For many of us, autumn is the cosiest time of the year. We love relaxing evenings at home with a good book and a hot, comforting cup of tea to hand. The fact that the days are shorter is no reason to feel down – we experience the beautiful autumn with all our senses.


Baum im Herbst


We see how nature slowly brings forth a riot of autumn colours. Ahead of the bare winter, she outdoes herself one last time and adorns herself with impressive, luminous colours. Glowing shades of orange, yellow and red bring us joy. During this season, we get to once more truly appreciate the beauty of nature.


We feel how the air becomes clearer and the temperatures slowly drop, and sense the cold blowing around our noses. And that’s why we like to wrap up during autumn: we dig out our jumpers, scarves and hats from our wardrobes and get out into the fresh air!


We hear the rain that falls endlessly from the sky on some autumn days. However, when the sun comes out, we hear the dry, colourful leaves that gradually fall from the trees and crunch beneath our feet – the music of autumn!


Zwei Hände halten eine Tasse Tee im Herbst


We taste the many delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables, and also ring in the tea season. We enjoy warming pumpkin soups, spicy roast vegetables and fresh, local salads. As a healthy snack, we polish off delicious little mandarins, which we have a real taste for during this season in particular. Aromatic varieties of tea soothe our soul.


We smell so many wonderful scents, which we have unerringly associated with this truly special time of year ever since we were children. The fragrance that lingers in the cool autumn air when the sun warms up nature after an autumnal rain shower. The pleasant, delicate scent of mandarins that enchants us during the chilly season in particular. The aroma of candles, which we now light once more during a relaxing evening at home. And last but not least – the smell of spicy, aromatic or delicate varieties of tea that we use during this time to treat ourselves to true moments of pleasure.


For the Senses Natural Wellbeing Packshot liegt auf einem Tuch


Autumn is therefore definitely not a season for gloominess, because it brings us countless beautiful moments and memories. During this unique time, we are accompanied by the wonderful fragrance of mandarin exuded by our delicious YOGI TEA® For the Senses Natural Wellbeing. This tea contains precious essential mandarin oil, prized by aromatherapists for its truly invigorating qualities. The fruity, slightly tangy fragrance awakens positive thoughts and is appreciated for its relaxing and stress-relieving properties – it is with good reason that these precious plant-based fragrances, encapsulated in essential oils, are regarded as music for the soul! Thanks to Natural Wellbeing, this positivity has now made its way into our tea cups – where, along with fruity sea buckthorn and hibiscus, it regales our senses. We are going to get cosy, take some time out and treat ourselves to a good thing, so to keep ourselves energised and happy during the chilly season.


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