Bergamot oil: the “Green gold” of aromatherapy

The scent of fresh citrus fruits, hot summer days and the sun’s rays on your skin will make you long for your next holiday in Italy and bring an instant smile to your face. Did you know that citrus fruits also have an important role to play in aromatherapy?

Bergamot - what we should know about the fruit

Bergamot is one of the lesser-known citrus fruits, and yet it yields a precious essential oil, making the fruit a valuable ingredient in aromatherapy. Find out more about what makes this fruit so special and all the properties of its oil.


Bergamot is a cross between a blood orange and a type of lemon, the citron lemon, although it looks more like a lime. Its origins are not entirely clear, but the citrus fruit is named after the Italian city of Bergamo. The Bergamot tree requires very special conditions to grow. It can be found almost exclusively on a narrow strip of land, about 60 miles long, along the Calabrian coastline in Italy. This is what makes it such a rarity.


It is mainly the peel that is used to extract the essential bergamot oil using a process known as cold pressing. This ensures that the flavour and precious constituents of the luxurious oil stay intact. You will probably already be familiar with bergamot oil in Earl Grey tea, which is traditionally scented with the oil.



"Green gold" and its strengths

However, the oil has also proved itself in aromatherapy thanks to its positive effect on the body and soul. It is used, for example to treat neck pain and tension. Did you know that it is also known as “green gold” since it is so valuable? Bergamot oil has a pleasantly fruity and fresh aroma and, like all citrus oils, is a real mood enhancer. It is also good at relieving tension and anxiety, providing an energy boost thanks to its revitalising effect.


Our new YOGI TEA® For the Senses Natural Energy, in which Bergamot oil plays an important role, is your ideal preparation for an active day. Let its blend of tangy citrus flavours, white and green tea, Moringa and Guarana awaken a new zest for life and brighten up your mood.


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