YOGI TEA® Foundation

The YOGI TEA® Foundation was established in December 2013 in Hamburg (Germany).

The aim of the foundation is to spread the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the founder and inspiration behind YOGI TEA®. He spend his lifetime to promote a healthy lifestyle deeply rooted in the practice of yoga and meditation. To bring this consciousness into action, the pubilc non-profit foundation  is reaching out to communities and individuals that think alike and support them in their efforts and mission.

A great focus is given to the local communities and farmers where the beautiful spices and herbs of our teas originate. Giving-back and sharing to allow everybody to flourish will be a constant motivation for us.

The board members of the YOGI TEA® Foundation are current and former employees of the YOGI TEA® GmbH:

Sat Hari Singh (Chair)
Georg Lemperg (Deputy Chair)
Sat Deva Kaur
Andrea Lücker
Atma Singh
Karta Purkh Singh
Sat Dharm Singh (Treasurer)

The YOGI TEA® Foundation supports following projects:

If you want to know more about the YOGI TEA® Foundation please email us at: stiftung.eu@yogiproducts.com.