The Kumari Project

The Kumari Project – helping orphans in Nepal

Until the Kumari project came to our orphanage, no one had ever asked us what we wanted or needed. Nobody knew who we were.  Sunita, aged 12


Nepal went through a devastating civil war, which came to an end in 2006 and left more than ten thousand orphaned children in its wake. Arun Storrs set up The Kumari Project to improve the lives of orphans and children from disadvantaged backgrounds and to give them a better future. Arun Storrs was born in Nepal and was adopted at seven weeks old by a former YOGI TEA® employee. This is just one of many reasons why this successful project is particularly close to our hearts! Like many of the other projects we are involved in, we support the Kumari project with our brand in the USA and Europe, for example with special edition teas like our Christmas tea.


Hamro Ghar – a safe home for children in Kathmandu

In 2014, The Kumari Project opened Hamro Ghar, an orphanage in the Nepalese capital offering a safe sanctuary for girls. Three girls were taken in from the very start. Thanks to the support of YOGI TEA®, the safe house has been extended to provide care, affection and a new outlook for 12 children.



Education & the Arts

When children are allowed to express themselves, the world becomes a better place. This is the idea behind the Kumari Education & the Arts programme, which is run in cooperation with famous Nepalese artists. The programme provides children with an education, as well as inspiring them through music, art and dance lessons. More than 50 Nepalese children have benefited from a creative school education thanks to the Kumari project.



Medical care and health and nutrition

As well as providing accommodation and education, the Kumari project also supports healthcare for poor and disadvantaged children in Nepal. The project provides the children with healthy food and hot meals, as well as access to free medical examinations in cooperation with local doctors. This is how the Kumari project provides a strong foundation for Nepalese children to grow up healthy and happy.


Here you can see everything the Kumari project has already achieved in Nepal: