More than Organic

Our social and ecological responsibility

Have you ever noticed our YOGI TEA® label featuring the words ‘organic’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’? It has a long history behind it, going right back to the origins of YOGI TEA®.

Ever since our company was first set up more than 40 years ago, we have always focused on being mindful of nature, of each other and of ourselves, across all levels of our activity. This is based on the Indian philosophy of Ayurveda, which teaches awareness and balance in everything we do.

We set out with this deep insight a long time ago and we continue to pursue the same philosophy every single day, consciously and mindfully. We always aim to do the right thing – across all areas of our business. This means that we constantly ask ourselves what we could do better, both in the future and in the here and now. True to the Ayurvedic philosophy, our actions speak louder than our words in this respect.

YOGI TEA® means more than just organic. Our motto is ‘Feel good. Be good. Do good.’ Our responsibility towards nature and people is present in everything we do. Our efforts and our commitment are reflected in our YOGI TEA® label – a seal that is both a statement and an incentive. For even better tea from the plantation to the cup: organic, ethical, sustainable.



YOGI TEA® has always been a frontrunner when it comes to organic products and was one of the founders of this now widespread trend. As one of the first organic tea brands, we have always looked for the best organic ingredients. All the ingredients for our teas are grown on organic farms. Nothing goes into our organic teas that doesn’t belong there!

  • 100% certified organic
  • No artificial additives or flavour enhancers
  • No artificial flavours or chemical fertilisers
  • No genetically modified organisms



We want YOGI TEA® to inspire people to feel good about themselves, to be mindful of others and do good things. That’s why we treat everyone mindfully and fairly, including our partners, suppliers and the people living in areas where our produce is grown. As well as protecting the environment, we also support many social projects, which help to improve standards of living.

  • 100% CO2-neutral shipping of our raw ingredients
  • Support programmes for our partners in growing regions
  • Planning of annual programmes providing direct support for growers
  • Self-help projects for community development



What makes a company sustainable? For us, it’s about being aware of our social and environmental responsibility and aiming for sustainability in everything we do. We take sustainability very seriously and have always called our actions into question so that we can constantly look for new ways in which to improve. 


Our packaging:

  • Only FSC®-certified paper
  • Chlorine free, no mineral oils and recyclable
  • Fully compostable teabags – biodegradable and naturally free from plastic and genetically modified materials


What’s inside: Find out more about our packaging here


Our production:

  • Environmentally friendly: no fossil fuels used for our heating system
  • Sustainable: electricity from renewable energy sources
  • Efficient: the energy used for our air conditioning system is adapted to changing requirements
  • No heavy goods vehicles: transport from production to storage facilities predominantly by rail


A peek inside our factory: find out more about our production


Carbon-neutral shipping of our ingredients:

  • Thanks to the use of biofuels, the CO2 emissions from our shipping are 100% offset
  • Along with other measures, this allows us to reduce our overall environmental footprint
  • Full speed ahead: YOGI TEA® is investing in and making an active contribution to the energy transition for transport.


Find out more about our transportation here!


Our employees:

  • Achieving the right balance: flexible and needs-based working hours for everyone
  • Reaching full potential: we support professional further training opportunities, allowing everyone to achieve their full potential
  • Working together to achieve good things: we encourage the social commitment of our employees and support private charity projects


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Our More Than Organic label stands for...