Nevandra – charity projects for children in India

YOGI TEA® has its roots in India. Many of the exquisite ingredients for our Ayurvedic herbal and spiced teas are traditionally sourced from here. We have a great deal to thank India for and we would like our spiritual home to be a wonderful place for children to live. Our commitment to social projects in India is therefore particularly important to us. We support two charitable projects to help disadvantaged children in Hyderabad, the fourth largest city in India.


Leilani – an orphanage for girls

The Leilani orphanage currently offers a safe home for 20 girls between the ages of four and 14, who otherwise would probably have to fight for survival on the streets. They are cared for at the orphanage by their matron, as part of a large and loving family, and are like sisters to one another. Since they can attend school from here, they are given the opportunity to build a successful and independent future. Thanks to the support of YOGI TEA®, five children have been given a home as part of the Leilani family, where they will grow up in a loving and safe environment.


Education For You – schooling for 100 children in India

In the poorer districts of Hyderabad, families are often unable to provide their children with the things they need for school. This led to Nevandra setting up the ‘Education For You’ project. The association pays for school fees, uniforms and books, as well as lunches and regular medical check-ups. The families are also provided with support so that they can help their children learn. This means that other family members, as well as the school children themselves, can often improve their reading and writing skills and so the entire family benefits. A total of forty children and their families are supported by YOGI TEA®.