Our Local Support

Charity projects in Germany – support for people in need

YOGI TEA® supports people worldwide, and particularly in areas where our produce is farmed, helping to improve their lives on a long-term basis. But we also want to help those closer to home. Here is a short overview of our local commitments.


Glücksstern e. V.

The Hamburg-based charity run entirely by volunteers, Glücksstern e. V. (‘Lucky Star’), aims to bring a little happiness to children from socially deprived families and those in need. Thanks to donations from various campaigns, the children are provided with support in different areas. At YOGI TEA®, we provide annual support for the association’s back-to-school and Christmas campaigns with gifts for the children.



Stiftung Mittagskinder

We have been supporting Stiftung Mittagskinder (‘Lunch Kids Foundation’) in Hamburg for several years now. At the foundation’s two children’s clubs, more than 200 socially deprived children are given free meals, help with homework and social support, as well as a variety of opportunities to enjoy games and sports with their friends!



Alsterarbeit and Nordeifelwerkstätten

Inclusion is very important to us in Germany. YOGI TEA® is delighted to support projects that encourage the integration of people with learning and physical disabilities and find jobs for them. These include companies like alsterarbeit and Nordeifelwerkstätten, our partners in the fields of storage and logistics.




The Sternenbrücke children’s hospice in Hamburg helps terminally ill children and young people, as well as their families, giving them the courage and strength to cope. At YOGI TEA®, we want to help ensure that Sternenbrücke remains a wonderful place to retreat and so we support the children’s hospice with donations.




Alimaus is a day centre for the homeless and people in need in Hamburg, offering guests a hot meal, a place to rest and someone to talk to. More than 200 volunteers provide this service tirelessly on a daily basis. Since Alimaus operates without any public funds, we support the project with donations.



Hanseatic Help e. V.

Hanseatic Help e. V. is a charitable association, which provides people in need with free clothing and important everyday items such as sanitary products. Anything that is not needed in the north is sent by Hanseatic Help e. V. to crisis regions such as Syria, Iraq or Greece, and the association also works with other charitable organisations in this field.



Ilse Wilms day centre - Living with Disability in Hamburg

The Ilse Wilms “Living with Disability” day centre in Hamburg supports people with disabilities and their families, helping them cope with all areas of their daily lives, including work, living arrangements and family. Here at YOGI TEA® we want to support the work of the day centres and provide 11 centres with our tea varieties so that they can organise cosy get-togethers. On Social Day, we get involved ourselves and give our employees a day off so that they can go and volunteer at the “Living with Disability” centres in Hamburg.



Schenker Euskirchen

Schenker is a long-standing partner of YOGI TEA® and operates our distribution warehouse in Euskirchen. When large parts of Germany were dealing with devastating floods in July 2021, some of our distribution partner’s employees also lost their livelihoods. Since the well-being of all our partners is close to our hearts at YOGI TEA®, we have decided to make a spontaneous donation to help those affected deal with the consequences of the floods.