Our herbs and spices – Organic? Of course!

For many of our customers, tea is one of the most beautiful things in the world. For us, the main thing is that it stays that way. Every day we make sure that our products are made with the utmost care and in harmony with nature. We are convinced that you can even taste it.

We have applied this attitude to all of our work and it flows into what we do every day. First and foremost, of course in our products. This is why all our tea varieties are 100% certified-organic: We dispense with any form of artificial additive, flavour enhancer or flavouring in our product development. Of course, all our raw materials are free of genetic engineering and are subject to strict quality controls, often exceeding the legally prescribed limits.


The best ingredients from certified organic cultivation

Tea is quite a complex matter and highly global. Over 120 spices from 80 countries are the basis for the unique taste of our products.

What unites them all is that they are all organically grown and processed. And this was the case from day one: When organic was not as important as it is today, we pioneered sustainable agriculture and travelled to the remotest corners of the world, to find the best ingredients from certified organic cultivation for our unique tea blends.

What exactly does that mean? Quite simply: All our farmers avoid mineral nitrogen fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides. Pesticides and genetic engineering are taboo because we care about both the health of our consumers and the farmers. In this way, soil, water and air are preserved in their natural state, which also benefits biodiversity – and thus the entire ecosystem in its natural cycle. In summary only pure nature finds its way into our tea bags.

In order to guarantee this, our farmers are audited annually by the national partners of the internationally active certification bodies Ecocert and IMO and we are proud that each of our varieties bears the EU organic seal, usually supplemented by the respective national organic logo. As soon as our high standards are threatened or are no longer met, we immediately start looking for an adequate replacement. In addition, we have also introduced our own vegan and gluten-free label, because this is an important piece of information for more and more of our customers.

Impeccable product quality as our top priority

The impeccable quality of our products is our top priority. To ensure that it is maintained throughout the entire supply chain, we have our teas checked at all important points of production in accordance with the so-called HACCP guideline for food hygiene (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points): not only in the countries of origin, but also in our production facilities in Northern Italy and also randomly in the final tea product in our warehouse in Hamburg. In doing so, we go beyond the legally prescribed testing and test our products for 500 pesticides and other harmful substances with regard to smell, taste and purity. We have already tested for residues of glyphosate long before the subject rightly came into the public eye.

Anyone who wonders how we actually discover all these delicious tea varieties, it should be told that this is and will always remain, a well-kept trade secret. However we can reveal that we are always up to date and keep our eyes and ears open for new trends in society and medical research, as well as for previously unknown herbs and spices. Then we experiment with it and only when we are all firmly convinced that the new variety tastes good and reaches the high quality of the previous products, does it go to shelves for even more enjoyment.

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