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Balanced, spicy, harmonious.

Natural Balance

YOGI TEA® Natural Balance is a truly special tea – unusual, and yet also as if we’ve always been drinking it. Deliciously tangy lemon grass and liquorice are interpreted in a completely new way thanks to the addition of shiitake mushroom. Its slightly savoury, aromatic yet mild flavour makes this tea enduringly fascinating!


The tea for everyone seeking to be mindful of their inner life.

Natural Balance
Meditation for sensitivity

Sit up straight, place your hands between your sternum and navel, and ball your fists. Stretch out your index fingers and cross them at the second joint. Breathe in deeply and slowly through the nose for 15 seconds. Breathe out powerfully and completely through pursed lips, your breath aimed at your fingertips. Feel how you fingertips grow cold. Continue this exercise for 3 to 5 minutes.


Lemon grass*, liquorice*, shiitake mushroom*, fenugreek*, elderflower*, linden flowers*, basil*, moringa*, dried kombucha drink*


*certified organic