Jalinga Tea Garden

In Assam in North East India, the Jalinga Tea Garden Community grows some of our high-quality black tea and also processes it there. The CO2-certified plantation has been operating since 1935, and around 2,000 farmers and their families live in the area of the Jalinga Tea Garden Community.

However, in the past these residents have had only limited access to local healthcare provision, as the nearest proper infrastructure was around 90 minutes’ drive away by car.

Thus in 2017, a project was developed in collaboration with Jalinga’s residents to improve the situation. Based on the principle of helping communities to help themselves, both the concept and the actual renovation of the local hospital were planned and implemented in collaboration with residents and local doctors.

 Jalinga - group pic in front of hospital

The renovation work included the modernisation of the male ward and the bathrooms, and the addition of a ramp for barrier-free access to the hospital. The roof and windows were also replaced. YOGI TEA® also ensured that an adequate supply of medical equipment was available.

Just half a year after the project was launched, the renovation was successfully completed and good medical healthcare provided in the immediate vicinity of the tea plantation.

Due to Yogi TEA®’s Indian roots, this project is particularly dear to us and we are pleased that we can support our local business partners there.