Morning routine – our tips for a successful start to the day

How do you normally start your day?

Do you leap out of bed as soon as your alarm clock goes off? Or perhaps you already wake up before the alarm? Or are you not a morning person and need at least a half-hour run-up to getting out of bed? Do you like to take a little time over getting ready or do you always have to do everything in a mad rush?


If you’re in the second category, then your days probably get off to a bit of a turbulent start. And your stress levels are already relatively high even before you leave the house. But if you’re already this stressed in the morning, what is the rest of your day likely to be like?


A good morning routine is the solution to a calm start to the day!


morning routine Yogi TeaIn addition to the popular ayurvedic recommendation to drink a warm glass of water as soon as you wake up, there are other simple methods that help us to start our day gradually, without rushing and getting stressed. This leaves us with a feeling of wellbeing that will stay with us throughout the day.



Take your time!

You don’t have to leap out of bed as soon as your alarm clock goes off! Continue to lie there for a few minutes and treat yourself to a facial massage. Gradually open your eyes so they can adjust to the daylight and then stretch your arms, hands, lags and back.



Say Hello to the sun

Practising yoga first thing in the morning is an especially efficient way to start your day feeling energised and happy. And if you manage to get up very early, there is no better way to welcome in the new day than with the famous sun salutation.

⇒ Here you can watch the video with the instructions for performing the sun salutation.


If you prefer to start your day less vigorously, then you should try this simple breathing exercise that can help you energise for the day: Sit in an upright position. Then close your left nostril with the thumb of your left hand and spend three minutes breathing only through your right nostril.



A few minutes of meditation

What you want in the early morning is peace and quiet! The time before the streets become a hive of activity is ideal for practising mindfulness meditation:


Sit in a comfortable position with your back held straight. Then breathe deeply in and out through your nose. Focus on your breathing and observe how the air makes your body move as you inhale and exhale. When a thought appears before your mind’s eye, neither judge nor follow it. Simply guide your attention back to your breathing. This doesn’t have to take hours – just seven minutes ;)




A cold shower to awaken your spirits

The yogis teach us that a cold shower is a fundamental step in the traditional preparation of the morning ritual (sadhana). The cold water stimulates blood-flow and strengthens the immune system. The yogis recommend first massaging the body with almond oil and then beginning the shower by repeatedly holding your arms and legs under the cold stream and continuing with the massage until the body has adjusted to the temperature.


If immersing your whole body in ice-cold water each morning isn’t right for you, then you can instead wash your hands, elbows, face, ears and feet with cold water. Important: always be kind to yourself and your body! See your doctor and ask whether cold morning showers are appropriate for you, especially if you have any cardiovascular issues.



Write down positive thoughts

tea journalAs you drink your morning tea, don’t spend the whole time looking at your smartphone. Instead, why not commit your thoughts to paper? In the form of a diary, for example, in which you write your daily goals or all the reasons you are grateful for being alive. Focus on your positive thoughts and chase away any negative thoughts!



A good night’s sleep is already half-way to victory!

If you want to wake up well, you need good sleeping habits! Here you can read our tips for a good night’s sleep.


We hope that our little tips help you to find the right morning routine for you. Choose the things that feel best for you. And don’t simply give up if the going is a little tough at first! Because it takes 40 days (in a row!) to form a new habit.


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