Three simple ways to have more variety when enjoying YOGI Chai®

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Our YOGI TEA® Classic: A true evergreen that is the basis for our company’s success story.
It was originally developed by our founder Yogi Bhajan, who wanted to do something good for his yoga students after class to bring mind and soul into harmony. This tea still joins the concentrated power of exotic spices: gentle and sweet cinnamon, tangy and inspiring ginger, sweet cardamom with its many essential oils, cloves and pepper.
YOGI TEA® Classic is now popular around the world. Our customers like to drink it at any time of the day.

Did you know that the YOGI TEA® Classic is also available in a ready-to-use chai version?
The classic preparation is very simple: Just heat equal portions of YOGI Chai® and milk (or a milk substitute) and… it’s ready.

Here are three delicious variations of our classic tea  – based on YOGI Chai®. All of our variations taste good with cow’s milk, but are especially delicious with oat milk.

YOGI CHAI Yogiccino

Shake well! Heat equal portions of YOGI Chai® and milk (or a milk substitute such as oat milk).

Reduce the portion of milk for a somewhat stronger taste and increase it for a milder variation.
Now prepare the milk foam, add it to the hot beverage and sprinkle as much cinnamon on it as you like.



YOGI CHAI Chai-der

Shake the package well before preparation and heat YOGI Chai® in a pot.

For a refreshing and warming, fruity alternative, mix in an equal amount of apple juice. If you like, add a few squirts of lemon juice.




YOGI CHAI Spice on Ice

Mix equal parts of cold YOGI Chai® and the milk of your choice (our tip: try oat milk).

Now fill a glass with some ice cubes and mix in the liquid. If you like, add some vanilla ice cream. Your YOGI CHAI Spice on Ice is ready!


We hope that you enjoy trying out these recipes and look forward to your photos and experiences on Instagram (@yogiteaeurope) under #yogitea #yogiteaeurope!