Our Sustainability Report

Good news: Our Annual Sustainability Report 2022 is here! detailing our challenges as makers of great tea and how we’re rising to meet them. We have stories from farms around the world, details about tea in transit, and metrics from our very buildings.


Our biggest priority is making the highest quality tea possible. For us at YOGI TEA®, what makes a good tea goes beyond what’s in your mug. Our business is getting back to its (literal) roots, with sustainability at the core of everything we do - from crop to cup, we want to inspire you every step of the way.


  • Did you know that your tea is helping provide specially formulated porridge to schoolchildren in Rwanda?
  • Or that we’re implementing regenerative agricultural practices that are crucial in the fight against climate change?
  • Or that we operate the world’s first LEED-Certified tea production facility?


There are a lot of amazing professionals working here who dedicate their time to bring you great tea with a generous side of environmentalism, social justice, and ethical business practices.

This is their story: showing what we're doing to grow a brighter future. Our mission statement says: “We Exist to Inspire” and our people bring that vision to life every day: Committed farmers teach us persistence and perseverance, while our partners around the world inspire us to become stronger together.

This is only our first report, so look for the seeds of future projects that we already can’t wait to tell you about. Sustainability is a journey, and we want to bring you along with us. And of course: thank you, fellow tea drinker, for following our stories and inspiring us, every day, to be better. You are as important to this work as anybody else, and we all appreciate your willingness to support our work to make great, sustainable, exciting tea.

Read on for inspiration!



Sustainability Report