Celebrating our Community

Tea brings together hearts and hands from around the world.

Enjoying a cup of our teas invites you into a global family of farmers, blenders, retailers, and tea lovers. While the box might say Yogi or Choice, inside is the work of a passionate community that overflows beyond these brands.


We really mean community; our relationships with our partners aren’t simply transactional. From reduced-emissions cardamom processing and local-to-local agroforestry education programs in Guatemala to investments in regenerative agriculture that increase food security and fight climate change in Nepal—without our community, we wouldn’t be able to produce and distribute quality products that nourish, heal, and contribute back to the earth.




And yet, our teas are so much more than their ingredients; we rely on the innovation and dedication of people around the world contributing to our packaging, shipping, retail, and much more. The tea you enjoy is the sum of all our efforts; an entire ecosystem of intentional co-creation.



Especially where sustainability is concerned, we take comfort in the fact that we do not stand alone. With farmers, processors, shippers, manufacturers—even our competitors—all working towards an equitable, sustainable future, we know that our efforts have an impact in the ever-growing movement for change. This year’s Sustainability Report tells many of these stories.


We’re on a mission to make tea an instrument for change. And we’re doing it—one cup at a time, inspired and joined by you and countless other like-hearted people around the world. 

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