Four facts you probably didn‘t know about us!

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How good do you know YOGI TEA®? We present you four facts you probably didn’t know about us!


1 – We make all our tea bag products ourselves, in our own factory in Northern Italy, where we proudly provide employment for local families.

While our ingredients come from all over the world, the production of the tea bags takes place in Imola, Italy, near the well-known city of Bologna. Here the company TeaPak started producing the YOGI TEA®s in 1996.

2 – Our employee with the longest service to YOGI TEA® here in Europe is Sat Hari Singh Khalsa: 31 years!

Sat Hari started working for YOGI TEA® in Europe since the very beginning in 1986.

3 – We are an independent company owned by a non-profit entity. Doing Good is deeply rooted in our DNA.

Ever since YOGI TEA® was founded in the 1970s, it’s been about more than creating Ayurvedic herbal and spiced teas. With every ingredient we source, and every cup of tea we serve, we strive for quality, sustainability and social responsibility. We support various sustainable projects via our partners in the growing locations around the world, providing advice and support to the local people.

Discover more about our projects here: Do Good

4 – Our Teatag wisdoms are not the invention of a marketing team. They are original quotes from our founder Yogi Bhajan.

Every now and then someone ask us where the beloved wisdoms on the teatags come from – some of our fans even want to write some wisdoms for us :)

The wisdoms are not the result of some kind of marketing effort! They are original quotes from Yogi Bhajan teachings and lessons. 100% original yogic inspiration.