Gifts: Upcycling for Little Works of Art

The best gifts come from the heart. Now – just before Christmas – all of us are looking for the best gift ideas for our loved ones. But what about the gift packaging? It should also please the eye of the person who receives the gift and increase the anticipation of unwrapping it. But since the gift packaging is usually just used for a short time, it would also be wonderful to pay attention to sustainability. So our motto for this Christmas is “upcycling.”


It comes from the term “recycling,” which means reusing existing materials and objects or giving them a new purpose.


Upcycling is a further development of the classic recycling and a major trend! The term is a word creation from upgrade and recycling. In this process, new things are created out of used objects or waste products. Old wooden pallets become furniture, unused clothing items are transformed into accessories and... wonderful gift wrapping is conjured up from the outer packaging of YOGI TEA®!


Here are our creative and yogic-inspiring upcycling ideas. We use our new YOGI TEA® Christmas Tea here – but the ideas are also good for any other festivities during the year and imaginable with all of our tea varieties.




1. DIY Gift Tag

You need this to make it:

Scissors, hole punch, gift ribbon and empty YOGI TEA® outer packaging.


And this is how to do it:

First unfold the empty tea box and carefully remove the glue points at the sides. Now you can cut out the lovingly designed Christmas motifs on the front and upper side of the packaging. Then punch a hole in them and decorate with the gift ribbon. On the back side of the tag, you can write your best wishes for your loved ones and then attach the tag to the present. Done!




2. Inspiring greeting cards

You need this to make it:

Scissors, glue, blank greeting card, 7 favourite sayings from our tea bags and/or a tea bag in the sachet.


And this is how to do it:

Pick your favourite saying and glue it to the front side of a blank greeting cart. There are no limits to your creativity. We decided to arrange the little tea words of wisdom in the form of a Christmas tree. Another idea for a Christmas greeting is to send your favourite tea along with it. To do this, glue the sachet onto the card. Then write your favourite greeting and Christmas wishes – and off it goes!




3. YOGI TEA® Decoration for the Gifts

You need this to make it:

Gift ribbon, hole punch, your favourite saying from our tea bags and a YOGI TEA® bag in the sachet.


And this is how to do it:

Pack your present in your favourite way using paper and gift ribbon. To decorate the gift a bit more, attach your favourite sayings as a tag on your gift. Your favourite tea as an additional Christmas greeting is a further eye-catcher. We decided to punch a hole in the left upper corner of the sachet and attach it with gift ribbon.




4. Gift Box

You need this to make it:

Scissors, glue, paper to glue and empty YOGI TEA® packaging.


And this is how to do it:

Glue left-over gift paper or some other nice type of paper onto empty YOGI TEA® packaging, for example. We decided to reuse the inner roll from a roll of gift paper. Cut it to fit and glue it onto the empty tea box. Now place your gift inside of it and make it prettier with a lovely gift ribbon and the ideas from point 3.


Have fun packing your gifts and giving them!


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