Warunki korzystania

1. Use of the marketing materials, offered by YOGI TEA GmbH on this website, is limited to promotion purposes of the products of YOGI TEA GmbH.


2. The user of these materials may implement them into catalogues, product-info brochures,pricelists, websites and other similar media and publish them only for this purpose. If the materials are forwarded to a third party the user ensures that the third party knows and accepts these ‘Conditions of Use’.


3. Materials may be used in total or in parts, as long it is ensured that the character of the context is maintained.


4. The user of the materials ensures that no national or international legislation – in particular food-legal and trademark regulations – is violated by the way of heir publication. In case of doubt, these media should be presented to YOGI TEA GmbH Management or its authorized employee with a lead time of two weeks and prior to their publication for their evaluation and approval.


5. In order to protect our brand “YOGI TEA®“ it shall possibly always, but minimum in important locations marked with the “®”, e.g. “YOGI TEA® Classic” or ““YOGI TEA® “Bedtime Tea”.


6. The user carries the full legal responsibility for any case of objection in regard of the materials published by him or on his direction or cooperation.


7. The user will report to YOGI TEA GmbH Legal Department in written form and without delay any legal inquiries or claims received from authorities or other institutions concerning the marketing material or products of YOGI TEA GmbH, in order to evaluate the further legally required supporting steps.


8. YOGI TEA GmbH is authorized to withdraw permission, granted in the present way, and to prohibit the further use and/or publication of any marketing material from YOGI TEA GmbH without any explanation.


9. These ‘Conditions of Use’ are based on the laws of the Germany.


10. Any possible invalid or ineffective article contained in these ‘Conditions of Use’ will not impact the validity of the remaining agreement. If such a circumstance should arise the article will be replaced with one contiguous as possible in economic and legal sense.