We present: our new YOGI TEA® Superfood tea blends

Some of you may have already seen them in your organic food store. Our two new varieties, YOGI TEA® Minty Chlorella and Natural Balance. But what exactly is chlorella and what is the mysterious ingredient that makes our YOGI TEA® Natural Balance such a special and delicious tea?


A tea that takes you on an exotic journey

Chlorella is an alga that has existed for over 2 million years and is therefore one of the oldest plant species on our planet. Its name derives from Latin and means “small, young green thing”. The chlorella alga is extremely hardy and has always managed to adapt to ever-changing environmental conditions. Today, it is considered a true superfood on account of its many nutrients. Chlorella’s deep-green colour is due to its extremely high chlorophyll content, which is greater than any other plant studied by modern science to date.


Minzige Chlorella in Pulverform


Our YOGI TEA® Minty Chlorella combines the plant-based power of the chlorella alga with other exotic ingredients such as baobab and guayusa. Baobab is a species of tree originating in the African savannah. The nutritious fruit of the baobab tree resembles the cacao fruit, yet is quite fruity and tart in flavour. Guayusa shrubs primarily grow in the Amazonian rainforest. Here they are cultivated at altitudes of up to 2,000 metres. Guayusa leaves taste slightly sweet and earthy, and are considered a real “pick-me-up” due to their high caffeine content.


Ready for something new? Then try YOGI TEA® Minty Chlorella, which skilfully blends chlorella with classic ingredients such as peppermint and lemongrass to create a taste sensation that is exciting and new, yet also delicious and familiar.


Two minty chlorella packshots on a table


A tea unlike any other

What is the most unusual ingredient you can imagine finding in a tea? Let your imagination run wild... We did the same and have come up with our new YOGI TEA® Natural Balance for you. The superfood ingredient? Shiitake!


Nahaufnahme Shiitake Pilze


Shiitake is a mushroom that is not only popular as a food but has also been used for more than a millennium as a healing mushroom in traditional Chinese medicine. It originated in Asia, where it is still often described as ‘xiānggū’, the fragrant mushroom. The shiitake mushroom contains a host of precious nutrients and is known for its positive effects on the stomach and gut.


Two additional special ingredients that complement this tea are moringa and kombucha. Moringa is a tree in the Moringaceae genus, and for over a thousand years has been regarded as a cure-all in Ayurveda. It originated in Northern India but is now also found in Africa, the Caribbean and South-East Asia. The plant is regarded as being especially nutritious. Kombucha is a drink made by fermenting tea and is highly popular as a healthy beverage. It has been used in powdered form in our delicious tea.


Two Natural Balance Packshots on one table


Curious? Our YOGI TEA® Natural Balance brings a completely new interpretation to the aromatic, slightly savoury yet mild taste of shiitake by combining it with tangy lemongrass and sweet liquorice. Are you ready to expand your tea-drinking horizons?


Natural Balance and Minty Chlorella Packshots on a table

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