Spring cleaning… without stress!

As soon as the first rays of sunshine announce the warmer season, the time has come for spring cleaning. With our tips and tricks, your spring cleaning will be entirely stress-free!

Spring gives us new energy, and we feel the magic of spring with all of our senses: We see the first flower buds, hear nature as it awakens from its winter sleep and can finally once again enjoy the colours and fragrances that we missed so much during the cold season.


This spring awakening is precisely the right moment for a major cleaning, the notorious spring cleaning. We open all of the windows and let fresh air and new energy into our home. We take the necessary time to get our home in shape, dedicating ourselves to the work that we normally like to put off such as washing the curtains, cleaning out the closet and decluttering the cellar…


And when the spring cleaning is finally done, we immediately feel so much lighter. It feels like we have been freed of a heavy load and the major cleaning around us has also brought order to our inner life.

Here are a few little tips for spring cleaning entirely without stress!


1. Organisation is everything

Write a to-do list for each individual room and prepare everything that you need. Check off the points that you have completed one by one since this gives you the satisfaction of already getting a bit closer to your goal.


2. Start with enough energy

Before you start, a healthy and rich breakfast is essential. For example, how about these Overnight Oats  that have our YOGI TEA® Women’s Balance  as an ingredient.


3. Look for helpers

Dividing the work is half the battle when spring cleaning. And if you have children, spring cleaning can be a genuinely amusing venture with a learning factor.


4. Think of the environment

Whenever possible, use natural cleaning products such as vinegar and baking soda, homemade cleaning agents or ecologically tolerable cleaning agents.


5. It’s all in the rhythm

Turn on your favourite music. This allows you to clean to the rhythm of the beat and finally sing along to your favourite tunes at the top of your voice!


6. Declutter

Decluttering means clearing out the objects that are old and have become useless to you. Throwing away things that can no longer be used helps free us from burdens on both the outside and the inside. Fewer unnecessary things = more balance.


7. Tea break!

Also remember to take breaks! Make yourself a delicious tea and revitalise your mind with a few yoga or meditation exercises – We recommend that you try the #7minuteschallenge


8. Absolutely no multi-tasking!

Responding to a work email while washing the floor or clicking through Facebook while scrubbing the kitchen is not a good idea… It’s better to avoid distractions right from the start.
Dedicate yourself solely to your spring cleaning. And strictly follow your cleaning plan without skipping any points.


9. Mindful cleaning

Spring cleaning can also become a genuine mindfulness practice. Concentrate on the here and now, on what you are doing at the moment, on your body’s movements, your cleaning cloth and your scrubbing brush. Try to wipe away negative thoughts together with the dirt and the useless objects.


10. The reward at the end

Once you have completed the spring cleaning, you absolutely deserve a reward! How about a colourful bouquet for your clean dining table, a wellness day or a beautiful meal at your favourite restaurant?

And what are your tricks for stress-free spring cleaning? Write us!

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