Question time: What do the tea words of wisdom actually mean?

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We are so thankful for all the photos that we get every day on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We also receive many letters from you in which you report on how you collect our sayings and turn them into loving works of art. It's always a great reward for us to see how these sayings inspire people, touch their hearts and allow them to reflect.


In addition to the many compliments, we often receive questions about the meanings of the sayings. So we explained some of them in greater detail for you.




Happiness is actually an art of living, which is within us.


teatag happy

Especially the simple things can sometimes be so unfamiliar and difficult. So how often are we happy? Our soul, our actual home and haven, is always in a state of cheerful happiness. However, we rarely take the time to be with ourselves and within our innermost being. We ignore our soul for so long and then ask ourselves why we feel so lonely and depressed. We can call this process yoga or become happy in some other way. Our soul does not care how we achieve this.

So, it could actually be very simple. But it seems that being very happy within ourselves tends to be an art.




By honouring your words, you are honoured.



This quote would like to express how beautiful it is when we can trust others and rely on them because they stand up for what they say and keep their promises.

We believe that people value this type of attitude because it brings security and trust into our world that is insecure and devious in so many places.





Where there is love, there is no question.



We have so many questions. Our clever, constantly alert mind - the loyal companion, butler and adviser - is always occupied with detecting potential dangers for us, examining situations and questioning them. In turn, it gives us ideas, information and memories that help us to navigate through this complex life. This is often already a bit too much for us. Our good brain doesn't allow us to rest.


Because of all the deliberations, we can't make a decision. Because of all the questions, we can't fall asleep at night. But this isn't necessary in the moment of love. The connection from heart to heart doesn't need language: It is indescribable. It is a perception, a knowing and a feeling from another dimension. We could call it a gift. Time stands still at the moment of love, and so do our thoughts. We can only open up to love without being asked. This is dangerous, but it is the only chance. It is beautiful. It is magic. At the moment of love, we are as defenceless and innocent as a child. Only later, when this moment has already faded, do the questions return.




Spread the light. Be the lighthouse.



Shine in times and places in which it is "dark" - like a lighthouse. Radiate optimism and confidence (light) where people have no light and no hope, where they don't know a way out and where it is dangerous - like a ship that can't see the rocks and cliffs and would be smashed to pieces without the lighthouse.

I believe this saying is a beautiful image that can inspire us to bring a bit more light into our world.




The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.



Sometimes it just seems impossible to enjoy every moment of life. In our world, we distinguish between what is good and evil, serious and funny, sad and happy. If we only always just value one side, we are in danger of only enjoying 50% of our wonderful life.
In our yogic consciousness, we attain the understanding that these two sides, such as good and evil, are definitely a part of our life and our human existence. We can only attain a harmonious, free and peaceful state of mind when we understand this. It is not easy, but the reality of life shows us that the love of life always requires a holistic view.



Now it's your turn: What is your favourite saying?



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