Christmas time is time for … time!

It’s Christmas time! A really valuable time of year that is however often full of huge stress. Presents need to be chosen and wrapped. There is Christmas Dinner to plan, and various Christmas parties spin us around even faster. Many also use the days off between Christmas and New year to go away, and then there are the New Year’s Eve and overall new year plans to make.


What would it be like if we behaved differently this year? There is something wonderful that we can give ourselves and others – something that is so valuable that it cannot be bought anywhere. Why don’t we simply give the gift of more time this year? To ourselves and our loved ones.



Taking time for yourself

Often at this time of year we are very focused on the external and forget to look inwards at ourselves. We would therefore like to invite you to use the final days of year consciously for yourself, take a look back at the past year and find a positive connection with the year to come. A good way to start might be working through these five questions, calmly and with gratitude:


  • What went well this year?
  • What am I particularly grateful for?
  • Which projects could I have done better and what stopped me?
  • What are my dreams and goals for the coming year?
  • What are the possible obstacles and how can I overcome them?


We often tend to set ourselves targets that are too high for the new year. What about creating goals that are smaller and easier for us?


A goal could be to consciously take time for a date with yourself every week – e.g. to meditate, go for a walk in nature, give yourself a spa treatment, doesn’t matter whether in a salon or your own bathroom.


How about for example, entering our #7minuteschallenge as a fixed appointment in the calendar?


It is often the small steps that leads to great change for us.



Time to give

Giving time yogi teaLooking back on the year in gratitude, we very quickly also see people who are very important to us and whom we would like to give something small as a token of friendship and gratitude. But as everyone knows, it is  not always easy to find a good idea – it should be something beautiful, but also useful and thoughtful.


Our perfect gift idea is therefore… TIME!


Here are our five favourite Time Gift ideas:


  • Babysitting and childcare: If you have friends who are parents or who have just become parents, they will certainly be pleased about a bit of time together. You can make this gift really easy for them by looking after their children.
  • Cooking together: if you like to cook, why not give an invitation to a shared and home-made dinner? A nice idea might also be bringing breakfast to the bedside table with a delicious cup of tea.
  • Yoga class in your favourite yoga studio with you: the recipient is sure to be pleased about the valuable time with you and the opportunity to re-discover their inner balance.
  • Painting & Decorating: You might know someone who would be very happy to tidy up and renovate their house a little. Many find it difficult however to get rid of things, but making it a shared task can often help. A tidy and fresh home will also be a fresh start into the new year.
  • Sharing hobbies: You have a favourite hobby that you would like to share with your loved one? Sharing experiences is a very nice surprise, which allows the other party to experience and discover something new and also learn something from you.


Do you have any more beautiful ideas? Then go ahead and write to us!


We wish you a really wonderful and relaxed few weeks before Christmas, full of wonderful and valuable time.


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