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Gentle, graceful, balancing.

Women’s Balance

The natural rhythm of our body is a harmony that we should listen to with rapt attention. If we are mindful, we can finely balance it before it gets out of synch. YOGI TEA® Women’s Balance has been composed with raspberry leaves, lemon verbena and a pinch of cinnamon to support your female cycle and give you balance.


The tea for everyone who wants to reward themselves with balance.

Women’s Balance
Breath to Balance the Mind's Mental Energy

Sit cross-legged with your spine straight. Arms are straight with the sides of the hands resting on the knees. The tips of the forefingers and thumbs are touching, creating a circle, and the other fingers are straight. The eyes are open and gazing straight ahead. Inhale through the nose for 5 seconds. Hold the breath for 10 seconds and then exhale through the nose for 5 seconds. Continue for 3-11 minutes. Focus on the inflow and outflow of the breath.


Raspberry leaves*, liquorice*, lemon verbena*, cinnamon*, lemon balm*, ginger*, thyme*, lavender flowers*, oregano*, cardamom*, black pepper*, cloves*

Contains liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

*certified organic