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Kurkuma Chai Teetasse

Fortifying, multifaceted, magical.

Loose Turmeric Chai

Already regarded as sacred in India over 5,000 years ago and valued for its versatility, the turmeric root glows a powerful golden yellow. Combined with delicious chai spices such as sweet cinnamon and cardamom, turmeric exudes all of its perfection in this tea. Drink it to experience exotic warmth and wonderful moments.


The tea for everyone who wants to be enchanted.

Loose Turmeric Chai
Yoga for Intuition

Sit in any position with your spine straight and upright. Stretch your arms and hands out in front of you, one at a time, and pull them back again to the sides of your body as if you were swimming the crawl. Move from your shoulders. Allow your breathing to regulate itself.


Please check with your doctor whether this exercise is suitable for you.


turmeric root*, cinnamon*, liquorice*, ginger*, cardamom*, black pepper*, apple*, fennel*, mace*, cocoa shells*, cloves*

* Certified organic

Brewing Suggestions

Add 2 teaspoons (3,5g) to 1 litre of boiled water and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Strain. Add milk or milk substitute and sweetener to taste. For preparation as golden milk: simply boil the tea in milk or, for a particularly delicious taste, in a vegan alternative.

1000 ml 100°C

15-20 Min

Add Milk