Sun Salutation – everything you need to know

We want to introduce you to an especially popular yoga sequence that gives you energy like a bright, sunny day: the Sun Salutation. Together, let us greet the sun.


The highly popular Sun Salutation is a flowing sequence of poses in Hatha Yoga. The name “Sun Salutation” derives from the Ancient Indian Sanskrit language, in which this yoga sequence is named “Surya Namaskar”, literally meaning “greeting to the sun” or “welcoming the sun”. 


The Sun Salutation was originally practised in the early morning while facing the rising sun in order to thank it for its power, warmth and light, which make all life on earth possible. Today this popular sequence is often practised at the beginning of a yoga session. It warms up the body and is an ideal way to prepare for further poses, as it trains, stretches and strengthens your entire body. It gets your circulation going, prepares your body and mind for the day ahead, and gives you an energy boost.



In its traditional variations, the Sun Salutation consists of 12 poses. However, there are also variations with fewer or more poses, which also vary in terms of their difficulty. The sequence of the individual poses varies according to the type of yoga being practised.


Advanced yogis are often capable of performing the Sun Salutation very quickly. Yoga beginners can practise the Sun Salutation slowly in order to learn the many individual poses and the transitions in combination with the correct breathing. Regardless of whether you’re new to yoga or an advanced practitioner, and whether you perform this sequence quickly or slowly, the Sun Salutation is always a great start to a yoga session.

Have we inspired you to try the traditional Sun Salutation? Here is a video for you with detailed instructions for the various poses.


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