Festive YOGI TEA® DIY Advent Calendar!

Christmas is here! It’s the time of celebrations and exchanging gifts. A lovely way to get in the festive spirit is to mark the days up until Christmas day using an advent calendar.

For many of us, Christmas is spent with family and friends so using an advent calendar is a lovely way of counting down the days until you can be reunited with loved ones.  Why not make our DIY calendar as a gift for a special someone this Christmas time? It’s a heartfelt way of letting them know that you are thinking of them. 


Alternatively, you can simply enjoy creating this for yourself and taking a little moment each morning to enjoy the festive season.  Perhaps, an advent calendar reminds you of fond childhood memories and this is one which you can keep forever!


Our DIY YOGI TEA® calendar is one that you can make yourself! Typically advent calendar’s are made with chocolate but our one is made with our very own YOGI TEA®! Why not use our YOGI TEA® Finest Selection, along with the YOGI TEA® Christmas Tea and the new YOGI TEA® Turmeric Orange? This is a great combination but ultimately it is all about being creative and celebrating Christmas time so you can use any teas which you fancy!




Here is what you need:


  • 24 Teas (for example Finest Selection and others)
  • 24 Clothes Pegs
  • A piece of string
  • Scissors
  • Colors (in case you would like to color the tags)
  • A favorite Christmas Decoration
  • A printer to print the PDF with the YOGI TEA® number tags 


Download now:



Colored number tags



White number tags




There are just a few easy steps to follow:


  • Print the PDF  with the number tags
  • Color them in (if you used the black and white version)
  • Cut them so that you have all 24 pieces
  • Put one clothes peg with one tea on the string
  • Hang up the string with the 24 teas, this can be on the wall or wherever you want!
  • If you want you can decorate the calendar with your favorite decoration!


We have you enjoy making our little Christmas treat and have a wonderful Christmas!


For more DIY upcycling ideas, please take a look here ⇒ Gifts: Upcycling for Little Works of Art

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