YOGI TEA® Christmas Tea Punch

The new YOGI TEA® Christmas Tea has sold like hotcakes in the truest sense of the word. We received many positive comments on Facebook and beautiful photos on Instagram.


Here is an original recipe for a non-alcohol spicy punch with YOGI TEA® – the ideal beverage for the cold days that will sweeten your holidays.

Ingredients for one glass of Christmas Tea Punch


  • 200 ml YOGI TEA® Christmas Tea
  • 100 ml grape juice
  • Christmas lighting
  • Your favourite music
  • Optional: Your loved ones




  • Fix a cup of YOGI TEA® Christmas Tea. Let the tea (one bag) steep for 6-7 minutes.
  • Add 100 ml of grape juice at room temperature.
  • Turn on the lights on the Christmas tree, unpack the Christmas decorations or light the candles to create a warm, pleasant and inviting mood. Then select the appropriate music for this festive atmosphere – how about a few of the Christmas classics? 
  • Enjoy this moment of peace and quiet – no matter whether you are alone or with those who are close to you and make you feel cosy and secure.
  • Our tip: Serve your Christmas Tea Punch with the delicious Christmas biscuits that we shared with you in our last post.




As you can see, just a few steps are enough to give the most beautiful time of the year a little extra bit of magic. Dear friends, we wish all of you peaceful holidays.

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