Our people

Our people, our treasure

We strongly believe that a cup of tea is not just a cup of tea. It is deliciousness, healthy, warmth, reflection, community and cohesion. This is what YOGI TEA® stands for since the beginning on all levels.

That’s why we focus on people – this has always been and still is our conviction. A fair, appreciative and respectful contact with each other does not only promote the well-being of everyone, but is an attitude for us.

This attitude does not just fall from the sky. It must grow and be constantly cared for. YOGI TEA® sees itself as a responsible company that ensures that people are simply doing well at all levels of its activities (for example yoga poses).

In the growing regions, we maintain a fair partnership with farmers and support them directly with social projects.

For a better life in the environment of our farmers and their families, who grow our raw materials, we have initiated social projects: For example, in Sri Lanka, where we have set up the Medadumbara education project (for the children of the growersor) or in Assam, India, where a local hospital has been renovated and modernized. Furthermore, we support numerous social projects with other partner organizations in our growing countries. Even though we could certainly do more and more, we firmly believe that we make a positive contribution and help to make a difference.


Appreciation of our employees

And our employees also feel it. We ensure a healthy and respectful, appreciative working environment, support them with further training and commitment to social projects. The list of measures is long and varied, which is why we want to leave it at that:

  • YOGI TEA® reimburses school fees, medical expenses, costs for babysitting and elderly care services at our production site as part of a welfare program.
  • YOGI TEA® pays the employees a subsidy for the use of public transport.
  • YOGI TEA® donates tea boxes to the Tafel in Germany and other food banks in Europe.
  • YOGI TEA® ssupports participation in charity events such as the “Race for the cure”, the world’s largest race against breast cancer.
  • YOGI TEA® enables and supports yoga courses and the training of yoga teachers (financially as well as through time compensation).
  • YOGI TEA® provides its employees in Italy with free meals in the canteen, operates a laundry service and a library, supports them in filling in tax returns during working hours and offers flexible working hours.
  • YOGI TEA® ® offers its employees further training, sometimes even several times a year.


Sustainability with heart and soul

So it is no wonder that our employees are also there with heart and soul when it comes to sustainability in line with the company’s philosophy : For example paper is used very sparingly, if prints have to be made then on recycled and/or FSC®-certified paper. Only electricity from renewable energies flows in the Hamburg office, which is located in the historic “Kontorhaus” that was renovated in an energy-efficient manner in 2012 and awarded the Green Building Certificate of the European Commission.

This attitude doesn’t stop at nutrition either, everyone can get fresh drinks free of charge, preferably from the region. In order to keep the packaging waste of convenience food as small as possible, everyone in the modern kitchen can cook their own fresh food and at the same time strengthen their sense of community as a “social side dish”.

With all these measures, YOGI TEA® creates a strong foundation so that the climate is right for each other. A respectful cooperation that is characterized by mutual support and appreciation, by result- and solution-oriented joint work, by design spaces in which everyone can make a difference.

Because everyone is part of the process and changes that the world so urgently needs.

„Feel good. Be good. Do good.“