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Spicy, sweet and delicious.

Barista Chai Classic

Barista Chai Classic will inspire with ist delightful taste and soothing warmth - quickly and easily prepared. Just add milk or a milk substitute and enjoy!

Barista Chai Classic
Easy Yoga for Energy

Sit cross-legged or on a chair with your spine straight and feet flat on the floor. Stretch your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the ground, with your palms facing each other and the fingers wide apart. Breathe long, deeply and powerfully through the nose for 1-3 minutes. Then inhale deeply and, while holding the breath, make fists of your hands, slowly bringing them to your chest under maximum tension. Slowly exhale when your fists touch your chest and relax. Take a few deep breaths and feel the energy you have created.


Spice infusion* (water, cinnamon*, ginger*, black pepper*, cardamom*, cloves*), raw cane sugar*, lemon juice*


*certified organic

Brewing Suggestions

Shake well! Heat and mix Barista Chai Classic and milk or a vegan alternative. For a stronger taste add less milk. Prepare like a traditional cappuccino with steamed milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Add milk or vegan alternative