Nevandra – India

Social work in India is of particular significance to us, since the spices used in YOGI TEA® are grown in India, and many of our delightful Ayurvedic herbal and spice-tea ingredients are traditionally sourced there.

In the world’s second most populous country, poverty and hunger are widespread, and children, particularly young girls, are in the greatest need of support. Through the Nevandra Association, we support two projects in Hyderabad to provide children with hope for the future by facilitating self-help initiatives and generally giving them love and attention.


‘Leilani’ means ‘heavenly flower’ or ‘heavenly child’ and is the name of an orphanage for girls. It offers homeless, orphaned and half-orphaned children a secure and loving home. At the moment, 15 girls aged between 4 and 12 are living there together happily with her matron as one large family. Through YOGI TEA®’s support, the Leilani project was able to admit five additional children to their home to grow up in a loving environment.


Education For You

Through the ‘Education For You’ project, Nevandra facilitates self-help for families in poverty and looks after the children’s educational needs. As well as school money, uniforms and books, Nevandra also provides lunches and regular medical check-ups. Families are expected to support their children throughout the learning process. This means that parents, siblings and relatives also have the opportunity to learn to read, write and do arithmetic. In total, YOGI TEA® has helped support the education and health of 40 children and their families through donations to Nevandra’s ‘Education For You’ program.


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