Time for another Q&A – what do the teas’ words of wisdom actually mean?

Our wonderful words of wisdom are a true source of inspiration and much loved by you. Sometimes they reach us at just the right moment and provide clarity. Yet they can also make us aware of issues in our life that need addressing, and raise questions. This is the moment when we receive questions from you concerning their meaning. After getting so much positive feedback from you all following our last Q&A on the meaning of the teas’ words of wisdom (which you can find here), we thought that this is something we should definitely do again :)  



Empty yourself and let the universe fill you.

Mach dich leer und lass dich vom Universum füllen.No part of us should avoid the universe. We are all universal beings and whatever is within the entire universe, is also within us. The only critical thing is that we tend to not notice this, don’t believe it or don’t perceive it. This is probably owing to the fact that we all carry so much around with us “in our head”. If our head were a little emptier, our perception of our utterly beautiful, universal being might become much clearer.  



Man is a star on the stage of the universe.

As humans, we have different perspectives from which we view ourselves. Many of us see ourselves as mere little, unimportant cogs and wheels in an almighty global machine. It often suits those in power when we make ourselves small (and hunched). The great teachers of humanity have always done the opposite. They showed us our true greatness. They have also always sought to free us from the confines of our local and limited world and taught us to comprehend ourselves as infinite cosmic beings. They show us that as humans, we are the stars on the stage of the universe. It might yet take a while before this becomes our general perception of humankind. And just for clarification – since many of you ask: with the word “man”, Yogi Bhajan means “human being”!  



Recognise that the other person is you.

Stell Dir vor, dass Du auch der Andere bist.Yogi Bhajan said that you can find only a reality in yourself: that you breathe in and breathe out. And so anything that breathes in or out is reality. When you find this as a reality in everybody, you will find yourself in everybody and everybody in yourself. “Recognise that the other person is you” is pure kindness. It is the act of recognising that another person IS your own kind. It is the identification with our own self and the self in others. This virtue is a feeling of universal kindness, recognising that everyone is part of you.  



The art of happiness is to serve all.

Allen zu dienen, das ist die Kunst glücklich zu sein.Sometimes we learn the hard way that serving others does not make us at all happy. And then we think that the skill rather lies in living a happy life without having to serve others. However, we also want to draw attention to a little-considered aspect of this matter that isn’t immediately apparent. In moments of true happiness, when our heart is overflowing with joy, when we wish to embrace the whole world, are we then not willing to serve others merely out of this sense of happiness? Happiness is closely linked with love. How happy we are when love touches our lives. In this state, we are always happy to serve all. And so serving and being happy are interlinked in many ways. Yet serving only makes us happy when we can do it with a loving heart.  



Share your strengths, not your weaknesses.

This wisdom does not mean that we have to conceal our weaknesses. We do not have to pretend or play a role that doesn’t suit us at all. What this wisdom means to say is something different: when we share our strengths with others, it makes others stronger. When we tell others about something that gave us strength, we thereby also give them strength. When we share only doubt, unease, suffering and sorrow, perhaps complain and maybe even whine on occasion, this creates a totally different atmosphere. When we share our strengths, we can give ourselves and others courage.  


What are your thoughts about these wisdoms? Let us know and share your favourite sayings with us on Instagram.  

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