Spring… with all the senses

The days are getting longer again, the air is getting warmer – Spring has sprung! Full of new energy, you can leave the weight of winter behind, and enjoy the beauty of green shoots and new flowers. Nothing is more inspiring than watching nature waking from its slumber.


Let all your senses discover the magic of this time of year, when everything is new, bright and beautiful!



Spring’s awakening

Finally, it is time; walking down the same paths, all at once the trees are different. The first buds are coming out, the meadows are green again, the sky is blue rather than grey – everything is changing so quickly. You have the time to stop and stare, and really see and absorb these changes.



Rediscover your creativity

Spring is the ideal time to take time for your own creative impulses. Colouring in is an easy and attractive way of finding artistic relaxation.


Try out our mandala now and find an inspiring way to relax.



Download Mandala



Or do you prefer the muse of writing? Why not start the new season by writing down everything that gives you inspiration for new stories? Another idea is writing a gratitude diary, which is a great source of positive energy and spiritual wellbeing.



Feel the warmth

Although there were some clear days in the winter, the power of those sunrays only really begins to unfold in the spring. We can wear lighter clothes and feel the warmth expanding on our skin. Going from the shade into the full sunshine, take a moment to focus on the change in temperature. You will feel like closing your eyes and smiling at the sun.



Let go of the inessential

It is also time for the big spring clean, both physically and spiritually. Open the windows wide, let go of everything you no longer need, and set a clear goal. That is how a good spring clean can make everything seem lighter. Here are ten ideas for a low-stress spring clean.


By practicing mindfulness, it is also much easier to let go of negative thoughts. Just three minutes a day is enough. Here is an easy example:


Sit cross-legged on the ground or a chair, and pay attention to your spine, making sure it is completely straight. Now breathe in deeply and concentrate on the life force, because breathing is living.



The taste of spring

Rezept SmoothieThe season of beauty also means that there are many varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables on the table. How about some new recipes for light and refreshing meals?

Here are a few of them, all vegan and based on a YOGI TEA®




The scent of the forest

Forest Bathing Yogi TeaThe spring is full of the unmistakable scent of pristine freshness, especially after rainfall. Fresh earth, an awakening sea of flowers, tree bark. The best place to experience nature with all the senses is the forest – a magical place where you can rediscover your inner tranquillity.




The harmony of re-awakening

The stirring of nature is always audible, with birds proclaiming it from their nests. Even in the inner city, if you listen carefully you can hear the birds tweeting, particularly in the early morning when the streets are still empty, and you have that orchestra to yourself.


We hope you all have a beautiful spring!


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