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Climate-neutral shipping for our YOGI TEA® ingredients

The organic ingredients for our teas come from all over the world, bringing unique, exotic and functional tea experiences for you to enjoy. We are well aware of the CO2 emissions created as a result of shipping our ingredients. We have therefore ensured a reduction in these emissions – by as much as 100%. We have been able to achieve this through our involvement in the revolutionary GoodShipping programme.


GoodShipping allows goods to be shipped all over the world with zero carbon impact. As a pioneer in organic produce, we also want to be a frontrunner in this field, showing the way for global trade to make a step in the right direction towards logistics with zero emissions. We were the first company in Germany and the first tea brand in Europe to completely offset its CO2 emissions from container shipping thanks to the GoodShipping programme.


Use of the latest biofuels

The great thing about the GoodShipping programme is that the carbon savings are achieved during the actual sea voyage, thus revolutionising the entire industry – moving away from fossil fuels towards biofuels. This is how it works:

  • Participants like YOGI TEA® are informed of the level of their CO2 emissions as a result of their global freight volume.
  • This is used to calculate the amount of sustainable fuel needed to prevent these emissions.
  • The corresponding quantity of biofuel is then used by cargo ships instead of the conventional fuels that damage the environment.


The GoodShipping programme uses raw materials from certified sustainable sources for the biofuel. These raw materials are identified as ‘waste’ or ‘residues’. There is never any competition with food production or stimulation of deforestation in the production processes. This ensures that GoodShipping is more than just a sustainable step towards reducing our overall environmental footprint. It is a revolution in which we are happy to invest.

Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO of GoodFuels and a founding member of the GoodShipping programme, explains: ‘Until now, cargo owners could only eliminate or significantly reduce the effects of their shipping operations on climate change by choosing an energy-efficient freight carrier or by offsetting their carbon footprint outside the shipping industry. The main difference between us and other sustainable initiatives is that the GoodShipping programme actually changes the fuel mix for shipping, thereby reducing carbon emissions in the industry.’


Overall reduction of our environmental footprint

At YOGI TEA®, we want to inspire our tea drinkers with good thoughts, feelings and deeds. We are therefore always delighted to be able to set a good example for other companies, especially when it comes to looking after our planet. Follow us on the route to 100% climate-neutral shipping and take a look at www.goodshipping.com !

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