Doing Good

YOGI TEA® Foundation
We exist to inspire!

We believe in and follow one guiding focus: fostering global well-being. Guided by that purpose, we support a wide variety of meaningful projects and initiatives that all share the common theme of promoting human well-being around the world.

Our support is focused on projects that are global, local and connected to sustainability.



The Kumari Project – Nepal

YOGI TEA® supports The Kumari Project in Nepal, including an orphanage for girls and an education project for children.


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In India, we support the Nevandra association in the construction and management of an orphanage and the ‘Education For You’ project.


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Reforestation in Madagascar and development of farmland for organic farmers – YOGI TEA® is involved as a Naturefund partner.


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In Sri Lanka, YOGI TEA® is a partner of a scholarship programme for children from farming families in need.


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Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung

As a producer of organic herbal and spiced teas, our planet’s unique natural diversity is a particular concern for YOGI TEA®. We therefore support the Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung (German Wildlife Foundation) in its commitment towards endangered wild bees.


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Cal Retor project

In Spain, YOGI TEA® is a partner in a project which helps to train people with mental health problems to work on farms.


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Bridging Communities in Honduras

The majority of the cardamom we source is from the village of Santa Tereza de Omoa in Honduras, a community that’s home to 1,200 people, many of whom are involved in the cardamom growing process. Learn more about our partnership with the village of Santa Tereza de Omoa and our projects that help provide the community with better access to educational and professional resources.


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Our Local Support

We are proud to partner with local organizations who serve the communities where we work. Our employees support causes they are passionate about and that are focused on fostering well-being.


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