Combined Shape EB5E57

Passionate, inspiring, vivacious.

Positive Energy Cranberry Hibiscus

You have a burning passion for what you do. And sometimes you need to feed your fire and fan the flames from different directions. Let yourself be inspired by the flavour of this tea! The exciting blend of mate, guarana and black tea inspires with fruity companions such as cranberry and hibiscus. A colourful firework for the senses that ignites your passion afresh each day!


The tea for everyone with good intentions.

Positive Energy Cranberry Hibiscus
Yoga for Energy

Stand comfortably and straight with feet slightly apart. Stretch your arms high above your head, preferably touching your ears, and your hands clasped. Inhale through the nose. Keeping your arms stretched up high, hunker down into a squat (crow pose) on the exhale, with your feet firmly on the ground and balanced. Instantly on the inhale come back up to standing with a straight spine and your head upright and facing forward. Breathing strongly through your nose, continue this exercise for 3 minutes and enjoy the new energy that you may gain.


Black tea (Assam)*, hibiscus*, green mate*, liquorice*, lemon grass*, dried lemon juice*, rose hips*, beetroot*, cranberries*, cinnamon*, black pepper*, orange peel*, rosemary*, orange oil*, ginger*, guarana*, ginseng root*, cardamom*, cloves*


*certified organic