National projects – Germany

YOGI TEA® has, since it was founded over 40 years ago, supported various facilities for people in need and neighbourhood charity events, with local donations in kind, through sponsorship and other means of robust support. Here is a short overview of some of our local involvement.

 Mittagskinder Foundation

In Hamburg in particular – the European headquarters of YOGI TEA® – we have been supporting a number of small and large projects to help people in need. One example is our long-term partnership with the ‘Mittagskinder’ Foundation. In their two facilities in Hamburg they provide more than 200 socially disadvantaged children with free healthy meals, homework help, socio-educational support and lots of educational and sporting activities.



bioBrotBoxIn Hamburg, YOGI TEA® also supports the ‘Bio-Brotbox’ (organic lunch box), whereby  pupils receive a reusable breakfast box containing tasty organic food.


alsterarbeit & Nordeifelwerkstätten

In the areas of storage and logistics, YOGI TEA® has traditionally co-operated with service-providers such as alsterarbeit and Nordeifelwerkstätten to help integrate people with special needs into society, provide them with employment and help them become part of German society.