The Kumari Project – Nepal

“Before people from The Kumari Project came to our orphanage, no one had ever asked us what we want or need. No one knew who we were.” Sunita, 12 years old

As a result of a 10-year civil war, there are more than 10,000 orphaned children in Nepal. The Kumari Project was created to keep children off the streets and provide them with a safe place to live. This project is particularly important to us, as it was founded by a native Nepalese woman adopted when she was seven​ weeks old by a former employee of YOGI TEA®.

 Hamro Ghar

5214977_origThe Kumari Project’s Safe House opened with three Nepalese girls in October 2014. The sanctuary is being extended with the support of YOGI TEA® to provide safe care for 10 – 12 girls by the end of 2015.


Education & The Arts

More than 50 Nepalese boys and girls have been able to attend school through the Kumari Project’s ‘Education & The Arts’ programme. Assisted by well-known Nepalese artists, the Kumari Project organises extracurricular music, art and dance classes that encourage and develop the children’s creativity and imagination.


Health & Nutrition

2393993_orig Another key element of The Kumari Project involves supplying Nepalese orphans and children living in poverty with healthy food and hot meals. Together with local doctors, The Kumari project also provides preventive medical care for the orphans, for example in the form of free check-ups.


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