Take time for YOURSELF and join our #7minuteschallenge

Who hasn’t had this experience? Your to-do lists often seem endless, your days are totally planned and you rush from A to B. There’s simply no time left for you.

If you want to change this, we invite you to join our #7minutechallenge. Would you like to find out more about it?


A cup of YOGI TEA® develops its full aroma in an average of seven minutes, and then it’s ready to be enjoyed. How have you spent these 7 minutes up to now? Did you wait impatiently or try to quickly tick off something on the to-do list?

Have you ever thought about how valuable even these 7 minutes could be?


Wouldn’t it be great to consciously use this time for yourself – to do something good for you and your mind and soul? This may be relaxing, listening to your favourite song, dancing, calling a friend, or or or... (you could write an endless list).


With the #7minutechallenge, we want to encourage you to VERY CONSCIOUSLY use the time until your favourite tea is ready and do something good for yourself while you wait.


Because... if you think about it...How much time would you “gain” if you brewed yourself a cup of tea at various times of the day? Nice thought, isn’t it?


7 minutes can be so much more than you think


So ... Let’s get started... Join our initiative and share your experiences with us and other YOGI TEA® Fans on Instagram or Twitter (@yogiteaeurope) or Facebook (@yogitea) via #yogitea #7minuteschallenge. We’re curious and look forward to your stories.


If you need some inspiration, visit our latest blogpost about <<mindfulness>>


Bye for now!

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